Custom Training


Combining practical guidance with targeted learning, UL's custom training solutions deliver actionable knowledge.

UL works with our customers to develop custom training solutions to meet specific business objectives such as new product development, cross-market penetration, risk reduction and competitive skill growth. Custom training can be created around all UL Standards as well as other standards that may be applicable to our customers' products.


UL custom training assesses an organization's knowledge needs according to customer-identified goals. Customers then receive training tailored to meet their specific business objectives.


UL custom training is focused on meeting individual business needs with highly targeted knowledge aimed at enhancing an organization's core competencies.

UL training is actionable, providing learners with the ability to interpret and apply product safety and compliance knowledge directly to the company's business. We respect the professionalism and experience of training participants by teaming them with our experts and tailoring the training to individual skill levels.

Our custom training also provides a unique opportunity to gain proprietary insight and guidance from UL, a leader in global market access knowledge. Custom training benefits include timely, targeted access to information needed to successfully distribute products globally.

Our experts assist learners and businesses in gaining an in-depth knowledge of the safety standards and regulatory codes impacting their industry. We also help prepare businesses for the future by sharing information about anticipated regulatory changes as well as fostering an increased understanding of how to interpret and apply applicable standards and codes going forward. Consequently, custom training can help businesses reduce and manage costs by eliminating rework due to compliance or quality issues as well as managing risk more effectively.

Custom training can be delivered at the customer's location, a UL location or online.


Training: Custom training can be designed and built around any standard applicable to the customer’s products and/or services.

For more information on UL custom training, please contact us at 1.888.503.3356.


Custom training can be designed and built around any standard applicable to the customer’s products and/or services.