Transaction Security Advisory Services


UL's position as a leading expert in the transaction security field enables companies to leverage our extensive knowledge of best practices, global standards and product requirements to help ensure interoperability and security in their chip-related and cloud-based products and systems. We link the physical world to the virtual world and guide companies through the transaction security process from start to finish.


UL delivers advisory services for the following markets:

  • Payment consulting for Digital Enablement, tokenization, HCE and Cloud-Based payments, Instant Payments, EMV chip, contactless and mobile payments solutions.
  • Mobile consulting for NFC/TSM solutions, including NFC/TSM implementation, mobile wallet, SIM, Secure Element and Internet of Things services.
  • Transit consulting for account based ticketing, mobile ticketing and e-ticketing solutions, including e-ticketing (AFC) and intelligent transport systems (ITS, or road pricing — pay per use or kilometer)
  • Digital Identity and Data Security consulting for e-identification solutions, including e-government services, biometrics, border control automation and tachograph implementation

Understanding our customers’ business, identifying goals and translating a strategy into tangible business intelligence and technical guidance … that is what UL’s transaction security advisory services are all about.

Our customers leverage UL’s extensive experience with EMV migration, smart card and contactless technology, mobile payments and wallet deployment to implement technology projects successfully. UL’s trusted reputation makes us an ideal resource for all of a customer’s transaction security, interoperability and compliance questions.

UL is affiliated with the world’s major payment schemes and is a member of important industry bodies, including GlobalPlatform, MobeyForum, EMVCo, Smart Card Alliance, ACT Canada, Swift, International Organization for Standardization (ISO, cards, road pricing and automated fare collection), the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), the Global Certification Forum (GCF) and European Brussels Interoperability Group.

Our accreditations and affiliations combined with our expertise and experience make UL an invaluable resource for any company operating in the transaction security space.


For more information on UL’s transaction security consulting, please call us at +31.71.581.3636